I am a Grand Bahama native, with longstanding passion for the arts, particularly animation and illustration. I studied computer animation at Full Sail university graduating with a degree in Computer Science. I have had 7 years of experience as a commercial artist. My portfolio consist of work in the fields of illustration, animation, graphic design, advertising and marking. Currently Ive dedicated my time to freelance work and many personal projects.



Biography…So Far

Growing up on the island of Grand Bahama, My parents, Howard & Patsina Smith, were the first people to encourage my creative side,. They made sure I always had a supply of pencil and paper to distract me from drawing on the wall. As a child I loved cartoons but was even more fascinated by the process and the work that goes into animation. My passion for drawing and animation steered me to pursue a career in art. First, I gained the foundation, studying art in high school. Then studying computer animation at Full Sail University, receiving a Bachelors degree in computer Science.

After my studies abroad I returned home, finding work mainly as a graphic designer at a local print shop, FDK Laminators. It was during this time I discovered a new interest, advertising. It was also during this time I acquire significant projects as an illustrator. Along with a few published book covers, I had the opportunity to work with BTC by creating murals for the rebranding of the Grand Bahama stores. A few years past and I soon join the small team at the media firm Keen i Media as a storyboard artist, animator and graphic designer. There I gained real experienced of the media world. It was exciting to experience the thought, hours and energy that goes into creating professional content. Very recently however I made choice to work full time as a freelance illustrator and animator, dedicating my time and energy to live my life as and artist to it’s full potential.